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The Mising Autonomous Council was established in 1995 through the enactment of the Mising Autonomous Council Act by the Assam Legislative Assembly, with its headquarters located in Gogamukh, Dhemaji. Concurrently, MAC was formed in the same year. Following its establishment, the first election of MAC took place in October 2013, leading to the formation of a duly elected body on November 6th. Since then, the council has operated smoothly, actively engaging in the development of its population.

Under the leadership of Honourable Chief Executive Member, Sri. Paramananda Chayengia, the Mising Autonomous Council has consistently demonstrated a proactive approach towards advancing the welfare of the Mising community. Sri. Paramananda Chayengia, leveraging his leadership skills, aims to drive meaningful changes for the betterment of the Mising populace.

Furthermore, the MAC Amendment Act of 2005 brought about revisions to the original act, extending its scope to accommodate other Scheduled Tribes populations as well as various non-tribal communities.

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